Why Your Company Should Call Colorado Springs Home

Moving is a major decision — especially if you have a business and a family in tow. You want to be sure that you’re relocating to a place that’s hospitable to both, and that’s why so many entrepreneurs are moving to business friendly Colorado Springs.

1. Affordable Cost of Living
A community’s cost of living will impact your own personal expenses, but it will also impact your business’s expenses by determining your labor costs. According to research, the average apartment costs $1,553 in rent, and the average home costs around $531,000.

2. Sense of Community
As a business owner, you need a supportive community of customers and colleagues who will help your company grow. With the right mentors and leadership, you can gain inspiration and see your business thrive. Colorado Springs offers the following organizations for entrepreneurs:

  • Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center
  • Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC
  • The Thrive Network
  • Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

3. An Educated Population
Living in an area that’s close to colleges can massively boost the quality of your recruitment pool. Some of the colleges and universities near Colorado Springs include the following:

  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Colorado College
  • Colorado Technical University

4. Quality of Life
Colorado Springs offers a rich tapestry of culture, including food, events, and parks that welcome families like yours. The following events and parks offer activities that families can partake in:

  • Nancy Lewis Park
  • Palmer Park
  • Colorado Springs FamilyFest
  • Day of Dance Family Fun Day

5. Business Quick-Start Checklist
To start a new business in Colorado Springs, there are a few resources you’ll need to consult, including:

Consider the advantages of starting an LLC in Colorado — you can enjoy limited taxation and minimized liability. To do so, you need to review the aforementioned state laws for business formation. If you’d prefer to buy a business instead of starting from scratch, contact the Crestone Business Group to purchase a high-cash flow business!

6. The Allure of Nature
The allure of nature cannot be overlooked when discussing the appeal of Colorado Springs. This makes it the ideal spot for anybody who aspires to be an ecopreneur — you can monetize your love of the environment by starting a business!

7. Year-Round Beautiful Weather
Colorado Springs also boasts year-round beautiful weather. Contrary to popular belief, the city doesn’t usually get excessive amounts of snow. Instead, the climate is generally moderate, with just enough snow in the winter to make for a scenic landscape. The city also enjoys less rain than the average in the U.S.

Find Your New Home in Colorado Springs
If you’re not entirely sure about committing to Colorado Springs long-term, renting a home or apartment is likely a better option than buying a house. Look for neighborhoods that offer the amenities you want the most, and then view listings based on price and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Colorado Springs Is the Place for Entrepreneurs
Families have been flocking to business friendly Colorado Springs for years thanks to its family-friendly vibe and wealth of community amenities. Entrepreneurs are discovering the city’s potential for these same reasons, and it’s caused an influx of new talent to the city. You can join the thriving community of entrepreneurs and give your family a great quality of life by finding the right home in Colorado Springs.

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Corinne Hammond

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