Time to Sell Your Colorado

Have you wondered what it would take to sell your business in Colorado Springs or Denver?

Selling your business is a difficult personal decision that carries many risks. It will likely be the largest financial transaction of your lifetime, and it is critical to net the largest payout and best terms the market will support. The typical 6–12-month business sale process is complex and must be handled in a sophisticated and confidential manner. Ethical dealing and proper documentation as you list your business for sale are crucial to avoid future legal issues. Advertising and marketing in a business sale are handled much differently than even commercial real estate.

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Sell Your Colorado Business

Why Sell With Us?

Once you finally reach the difficult decision to sell your Colorado business, the problem many business owners often face with larger brokerage firms is having their business assigned to a junior broker or the ex-commercial real estate guy with little or no experience in selling businesses. Accountability, professionalism, and responsiveness are often missing in the common franchise business brokerage firms. It might surprise you to hear that the vast majority of business brokers fail to succeed in this industry and eventually move on to easier professions.

When seeking to sell your business in Colorado Springs, there are only a handful of professional business broker experts available locally. As an Employing Transaction Broker who started the Crestone Business Group, the buck stops with Steve Coast. Steve has a long successful history of experience in business sales, and he is locally based in the Colorado Springs area. He is smart, professional, and responsive. All of his brokers answer the phone and will return your voicemails, texts and emails promptly. Steve’s brokers are all past business owners who have been through the sale process personally.

Crestone Business Group’s sellers enjoy personalized service, confidentiality, customized marketing and advertising, and careful qualification of all potential buyers. Our brokers use a consultative sales approach when handling every facet of listing your business for sale in Colorado Springs or Denver, which guides both buyers and sellers through the complexities of the entire transaction while you continue to run your business. They will help you value the business, list your business for sale, and find a buyer for your company and its real property who shares your enthusiasm and passion. We will work tirelessly to find a buyer who will pay a fair market value on your terms and treat your employees and customers well after the sale. Everybody wins with Crestone’s process.

If you want to learn more about how to sell your Colorado Springs or Denver business, call our office today at
(719) 330-4715 or email us at info@crestonebusinessgroup.com. All inquiries are handled confidentially.