Find the Best Buyer for Your Business

How we will find the best buyer for your business by Steve Coast, Business Intermediary

Crestone Business Group affiliates work with hundreds of buyers every year. How do we find those buyers? How do we screen them to ensure they are right for your business without letting them know who you are?

We are well known for creative marketing that is attractive and easy for our buyer clients to use. Our electronic documents are emailed in PDF format with links to important information a buyer will need to take the next step. The confidential marketing collateral we develop has been praised and described as “very professional” and “simple, appealing, and easy to review”. Our affiliates advertise blind profiles of businesses online using a half dozen business sale websites. We will never use your company name or information that could be used to identify the business. We also connect with buyers through phone and email campaigns, and market new businesses directly to targeted buyers and investors in our network. The Crestone Business Group is on the leading edge of social networking when compared to our competition. This has proved to be a tremendous resource for younger buyers.

Once a buyer contacts us about a business, we get their signed non-disclosure agreement and schedule a phone interview. During the interview, we’ll make sure they are not a competitor, supplier or employee digging for information. We also save your valuable time by eliminating the tire-kickers. Most importantly, we ensure the potential buyer of your business has the right background and financial wherewithal to complete the acquisition.

Once a buyer contacts us, our affiliates maintain regular communication until they have found their dream company. Today there are over 225 buyers in our network actively seeking a business in Colorado. Perhaps one of those is ideal for your business! If the time is right to sell, or if you simply have questions about business acquisitions, please give me a call or send me an email. Your inquiry will be handled directly and discretely.

Steve Coast
Business Intermediary
(719) 799-6488