Attracting Top Talent with Disabilities: 5 Strategies for Employers

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It’s no secret that the workforce is becoming increasingly diverse. It’s essential to understand the importance of recruiting the best and brightest minds. The hiring process can be tricky, but there are key strategies you can employ to ensure you attract top talent from all backgrounds and abilities. Crestone Business Group has shared five structures, benefits, and incentives to put in place for bringing in new hires who live with disabilities.

Funding your Employees’ Continuing Education
One way to attract potential employees with disabilities is by offering educational resources or funding for continuing education. People with disabilities often require additional training or education to stay competitive in the job market.

Offering support for ongoing education will show potential employees that they have access to resources to help them advance in their careers. This creates a more inclusive work environment, giving employers access to more qualified candidates who may have otherwise been overlooked due to a lack of experience or knowledge.

An online degree can help an employee gain specialized knowledge and skills that proves useful in their current job, or upgrade them to pursue different career paths. Whether they study and get a bachelor of science in education or a different degree, an online program can give your team members the flexibility to study at their own pace from wherever they are — all while helping them stay on top of industry trends and develop new skills that benefit your organization.

Fostering an Inclusive Culture
Creating a culture of inclusion is vital for any business owner or manager hoping to attract and retain the best talent from all backgrounds, including those with disabilities. Actively engage with members of the disability community, and make sure your recruitment process is welcoming and accessible for people of all abilities. Also, strive to create an environment where people’s differences are celebrated rather than stigmatized or ignored.

Upgrading Your Website
Your website might be the first impression potential employers get about your company and its values. You want to design your website so that it works with assistive devices like screen readers, magnifiers, speech recognition software, and others so that people who rely on them can easily navigate the site without difficulties or frustrations.

Making upgrades to your website also sends a strong message that your organization values inclusion and accessibility as key parts of its culture — something many professionals value when considering employment options.

Understanding Reasonable Accommodations
Another way to make your company appealing to potential job candidates with disabilities is by learning about reasonable accommodations in the workplace. Reasonable accommodations are modifications made by an employer (or employee) to ensure equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in all aspects of their jobs — including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training programs, performance reviews, etc.

By grasping these accommodations ahead of time and establishing clear policies around them, you’ll be better equipped to attract talented individuals who may require special considerations during their tenure at your company.

Improving Your Recruitment Process
Finally, tailoring your recruitment process to include outreach initiatives specifically targeting people with disabilities can go a long way in creating a diverse workspace workplace with talented individuals representing different backgrounds and abilities. You can reach out through existing networks or organizations — like Specialisterne USA or abilityJOBS — and local job fairs catering to professionals with disabilities.

Take advantage of these resources now to broaden your scope when searching for new hires, and it will help foster a more inclusive workplace culture for years to come!

Cultivating an inclusive team begins with taking proactive steps toward recruiting talent from all backgrounds. Consider offering education funding to all your employees, making your website more accessible, learning about reasonable accommodations, and revamping your recruitment process. Your organization will be well on its way to building a successful workplace with top talent from all walks of life!


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