12 Digital Improvements to Propel Your Business

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The last couple of years have been immensely challenging for small and medium-sized businesses. But in many respects, there are more opportunities than ever for businesses, especially those committed to keeping up with the latest digital tools.

Technology has come a long way in recent years, and SMEs (Small and Midsized Enterprises) that embrace digital improvements are positioning themselves to beat out competitors and solidify a foundation for long-term success. Are you ready to take your team to the next level? Consider these 12 digital upgrade ideas from The Crestone Business Group!

1. BPM
Business process management (BPM) streamlines workflows and lays out the path for digital transformation. Taking the time to learn more about BPM will save your team ample time by automating tasks and optimizing processes. And you likely won’t have any problems convincing your employees of the value of BPM because it will leave them with more time to work on tasks more closely related to their interests.

While most BPM tools come with a short learning curve, you’ll need to regularly monitor the effectiveness of your framework to ensure you’re consistently improving your processes.

2. Accounting Systems
Money management is critical for any company. Take advantage of the wealth of world-class accounting software on the market today. Search online for an accounting system that will let you easily send electronic invoices to customers and ensure prompt payment. Some accounting software will even let you store and categorize receipts to maximize tax deductions while complying with rules and regulations.

3. Content Writing Services
Many things go into building and maintaining a quality business website. And one of the most essential factors is providing informative, industry-related content that engages your target audience.

Well-crafted blogs, landing pages, product and service pages, and other types of written content can do wonders for attracting users and keeping them on your pages. Fortunately, you can hire content writing services to create top-notch content that solidifies your reputation as an expert in the industry. If you don’t have the time or skills necessary to write quality content, working with an agency can spur growth and save you money in the long run.

4. Word Processors
If you or a team member plan to write your own content, make sure you’re using good word processing software. Microsoft Word is one of the most comprehensive options on the market, but plenty of free, easy-to-use alternatives provide all the essential built-in tools and more. Google Docs, Apple Pages, and the Zoho Writer offer some of the cleanest interfaces and allow you to work in the cloud.

5. Spreadsheet Platforms
Though data visualization is becoming more indispensable for SMEs, spreadsheets are still an essential part of running a company. And you need quality spreadsheet software that makes it easy to sift through thousands of data sets, establish goals, and meet milestones.

Here are some of the top spreadsheet software solutions today:

– Microsoft Excel
– Google Sheets
– Apple Numbers
– Jotform Tables
– LibreOffice
– Zoho Sheets

6. Collaborative Suites
Keeping up with all the separate tools necessary for handling your digital tasks can get overwhelming. The best approach is to find collaborative software that offers a suite of apps and features on one platform. Microsoft Teams combines video conferencing, team chat, and many other functions and is ideal for larger organizations.

Google Workspace is another worthwhile option and tends to work best for small and medium-sized companies. The Google suite includes Gmail, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, and other apps that automatically integrate with the Google Drive cloud storage platform.

7. Project Management Software
Project management software is crucial if you work with a distributed team or regularly collaborate with freelancers. These solutions do precisely what the name suggests: help you manage your projects efficiently so that everyone remains on the same page and meets deadlines.

The right project management software will foster collaboration on tasks and boost your team’s overall productivity. LiquidPlanner, Basecamp, Asana, and Trello are some of the most popular options available.

8. Time Tracking Tools
Another type of tool that can help your team members stay organized and work more efficiently is a time tracking app. These tools provide leaders and employees with accurate insights into how long each individual and team is working on specific tasks. Consider these popular time trackers:
– ProofHub
– Hours
– Timecamp
– Time Doctor
– Togg

9. Social Media Platforms
Chances are you have at least a basic grasp of how social media can benefit your SME. No matter the size of your business, using the appropriate social media platforms can take your marketing initiatives to the next level. In fact, if you have any hope of building an online presence, maximizing your social media marketing opportunities is non-negotiable.

There are many different platforms worth considering, and you’ll likely need to focus on more than one if you want to get the most from the free and affordable promotional tools out there. For instance, some logo makers are free and are a great way to put a face of sorts on the company that you can then share via social media.

Additionally, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for meeting B2B prospects and recruiting team members. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are crucial for reaching a wide range of demographics. And building a presence on YouTube can help your brand establish its authority in your industry

10. Social Media Management Tools
So, how exactly do you use social media to your advantage when you’re not a marketing expert? That’s where social media management tools prove valuable. Many solutions on the market can help you plan and schedule your posts, analyze and optimize your performance, and more.

Here are a few of the best social media management apps for growing your online presence and spurring long-term growth: – Buffer
– Sprout Social
– Sendible
– HubSpot
– Loomly
– Crowdfire
– MavSocial

11. Email Marketing Software
With so much attention on social media, it’s easy to forget about how impactful email marketing can be for your small or medium-sized business. Besides, the best email marketing software will sync seamlessly with all the major social media platforms. If you want to reach engaged customers and build a loyal base of followers, look to email marketing services like Mailchimp, Drip, Campaigner, MailerLight, and Zoho Campaigns.

12. CRM Solutions
Why not take customer engagement to the next level? The right CRM solution will put data and information from all your customer-facing teams into a single platform. CRM software comes with a range of features and prices, but all of the most popular options can help your company consistently retain and acquire more customers. Salesforce, Freshworks CRM, Less Annoying CRM, Nimble, and Keap are all worth considering.


Wrapping Up
If your SME commits to investing in modern digital improvements, you might be amazed at the growth you see from day one. You can manage your business processes and finances more efficiently, engage more customers, collaborate more effectively as a team, and build your reputation in your industry and the overarching business landscape.

Don’t waste any time on your digital transformation. Start researching the plethora of tools available and making meaningful changes today!


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